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The three P’s of Omega 3 – Potency, Purity and Peroxide

There are over 20,000 peer reviewed published medical studies and reviews studying the usefulness of omega3 oil in prevention and treatment of disease. From ADD to hypertension, pre-mature labor to PMS, heart disease to arthritis, this supplement has had more written about it than any other supplement by far. As anyone who has walked into [...]

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Omega 3 Part Two: Omega 3 and Weight (Fat) Loss

In addition to all the health benefits of increasing omega3 and decreasing omega6 in the diet mentioned in the previous blog entry, let’s now direct the conversation to this dietary intervention as it relates specifically to weight loss. Review of the current scientific research indicates that omega3 supplementation results in: improvement in fat loss in [...]

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Omega 3 Oil – What is it? Why do I need it? Where do I get it?

Most people have heard of Omega 3 oils and that they should consume them but very few people really understand what they are and why they are important. The next 3 entries will explain this interesting topic in an understandable and comprehensive fashion. There are 2 dietary fats which are essential., that is, required for [...]

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Carb Craving Cure – Part 4 by Dr Jonathan Burg

In addition, to aid in medical weight loss, Metassist, developed by Dr Jonathan Burg also contains: Gymnema Sylvestrie - Used for over 2,000 tears in Aryuvedic medicine to prevent and treat diabetes, the Hindu word for this amazing herb is “gumar” which literally means “sugar destroyer”. This herb is being actively studied by scientists as [...]

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Carb Craving Cure – Part 3

So far we addressed dietary changes to cure carb craving such as eating more protein, eating more frequently and decreasing intake of white foods (sugar, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta). There is a supplement called MetAssist which I formulated which will help not only with blood sugar stabilization but also help you lose excess body fat. [...]

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Carb Craving Cure – Part 2

A landmark scientific study of carb cravers demonstrated that these individuals consume 800 calories on average more per day than people who do not have this syndrome. Unless you can get this problem under control you will not be able to lose significant amounts of fat. EATING FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT-EATING EXCESSIVE CARBS [...]

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Carb Craving Cure – Part 1

If you are overweight, over-fat or obese you did not get that way by eating too much fruit, vegetables, dairy or meat. You got that way, one way and one way only- by eating too much white food- bread, rice, pasta potatoes, cereal, sugar and beer (liquid grain). It is truly that simple. It doesn’t [...]

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Why Diets Fail and What Can Be Done About It – Part II

Body Fat: It’s Importance and Measurement The importance of body fat and lean body mass has been established as more vital than weight or BMI.  I consider body fat % to be the 5th vital sign after temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rate.  Reducing excess body fat is more important from the standpoint of [...]

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Why Diets Fail and What Can Be Done About It

It is a well documented fact that over 95% of people who diet end up gaining their weight back within a couple of years. Obviously there are a lot of reasons for this. Perhaps the most important reason goes to the very concept of "dieting". Unfortunately, most dieters change their caloric intake (often drastically) for [...]

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