1. Do it on your own

  • The goal is to lose excess body fat while maintaining or building muscle. This determines your metabolic rate or BMR to prevent regain.
  • Drink two Cornerstone shakes daily, always for breakfast and then either for lunch or snack. This will give you about 50 grams of protein. Shakes will massively reduce appetite.
  • Eat at least another 8-10 ounces of fresh protein-meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy along with unlimited vegetables and low glycemic fruit like berries, melon or apples.
  • Take 1-2 MetAssist before meals to block carb craving and 2 OmegaHealth with dinner to decrease inflammation, build muscle and reduce gut fat.
  • Markedly reduce starchy white food- bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, packaged, fast food
  • If you want to customize program use calculators below to determine body fat %, lean body mass (LBM) and metabolic rate (BMR)
  • Or you can purchase an inexpensive body fat scale for about $40 on Amazon
  • Match 1 gram protein for every pound of lean body mass
  • Take 10% off BMR and this will be your total calories for the day
  • View and download the meal planning booklet to guide you and for delicious shake recipes
  • Once you reach your goal you can back off to one shake a day but try to keep the same protein- if you start creeping up just add a second shake

Use Our DIY Resources

Lean Body Mass Calculator
Basal Metabolic Rate
PDF Booklet
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2. Partner with a Certified Cornerstone Coach

  • All coaches have been fully trained and tested by Cornerstone
  • Many have degrees in dietetics, nutrition, exercise science etc
  • Coaching will give you at least 3X better/faster/longer lasting results
  • Coaches provide accountability, emotional support and “hacks” to get past plateaus
  • Coaches will set up personalized web pages to track success over time.
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3. Find a Clinic

  • We have hundreds of exclusive medical clinics nationwide
  • They may be primary care, obesity medicine, sub-specialty or medi-spas
  • Use the zip code locator on the website to find one convenient to you
  • Many can bill health insurance and take FSA or HSA
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