Deborah Plante, MD, FACE

Endocrinologist, Plante Wellness, Roseville CA

Prevention, nutrition and “lifestyle” medicine have always been my passion and Cornerstone Wellness has melded these into a clinically effective protocol which works phenomenally well in my solo Endocrinology practice for my diabetic, PCOS and overweight hypothyroid patients.

Diabetes and Endocrinology of Stark County, Canton OH

Diabetes and Endocrinology of Stark County, Canton OH

Cornerstone Wellness is working incredibly well in my endocrinology practice clinically and particularly with regard to patient acceptance and excitement over their fat loss results. With so many medical weight loss programs out there that I investigated over the years I have no doubts I made the right decision. Cornerstone training and customer service are superb.

Sung-Eun Yoo, MD, FACE

Cary Endocrine and Diabetes Center, Cary, NC

I have a very educated, savvy patient population in my Endo practice in the heart of Research Triangle in North Carolina. I had to chose a lifestyle modification program that was well researched, cutting edge, highly effective and all natural. Cornerstone Wellness fit the bill beautifully and my midlevels, my patients and I couldn’t be happier with our choice.

Kathleen Hands, MD, FACE, ECNU

Thyroid and Endocrine Center of South Texas, San Antonio,TX
American Academy of Clinical Endocrinology, Texas Chapter President

As a thyroidologist I have aggressively and tirelessly addressed obesity in my practice for years. Finding Cornerstone Wellness has been a blessing. With two wellness coaches (my sons) I have so much more time to focus on the thyroid aspects of patient care while my coaches do all the “heavy lifting” on the prevention/lifestyle side. A total of 2394 lbs. lost in 2016 and the improvements in clinically measurable outcomes are even more impressive. Previously frustrated and hopeless hypothyroid patients have responded almost universally to the Cornerstone approach.

Orlin Sergev, MD, FACE

Equilibrium Endocrinology and Diabetes Center, Summerville SC
American Academy of Endocrinology of the Carolinas Chapter President

As a lifelong fitness enthusiast I have tried my best to imbue my patients with a zest for healthy eating and daily exercise to complement my medical management of their diabetes, PCOS, metabolic syndrome and related conditions. Cornerstone has trained my existing staff to run this evidence based lifestyle modification program that allows us to reach many more of our patients with our wellness approach. Great clinical outcomes in motivated patients with very little added time or effort on my part.

Martin Grajower, MD, FACP, FACE

Associate Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
The Bronx, NY

What I like best about the Cornerstone Wellness program is that it adheres to accepted metabolic principles such as insuring adequate protein intake to maintain lean body mass and linking calorie intake to BMR. By reducing total CHO consumption while maintaining adequate protein intake, patients with T2DM can expect to see improvements in fasting sugars, HbA1c and triglyceride levels. In my practice we aggressively educate and treat patients with pre-diabetes, stressing lifestyle changes including diet and exercise. Cornerstone Wellness offers a structured program that is easy to follow while still allowing the patient to eat regular food. The company itself is extremely responsive to our needs and has been a pleasure to work with.

Vanessa Rodriguez, MD, FACE, ECNU

Endocrinologist, Delray Beach, FL

As a solo endocrinologist I have always had a desire to address the lifestyle issues that underlie the pathophysiology of insulin resistance but simply never was able to find the time to develop a comprehensive program. After meeting Dr. Burg at a Florida AACE meeting, we were able to seamlessly adopt the Cornerstone Wellness program a few years ago and we have seen impressive clinical results in many of our diabetic and thyroid patients.

Devan Szczepanski, MD

DS Family Medicine, Covington LA

As a solo family practitioner I had so little time to address lifestyle and prevention issues with my patients, which is really one of my passions both professionally and personally. Hearing about Cornerstone Wellness from the instructor at a weight loss conference I immediately contacted them and within 6 weeks, I had a fully functional and what turned out to be a wildly successful program for my overweight patients. We have witnessed incredible clinical results that delight my patients and my entire staff. It has allowed me to markedly reduce patients medication load particularly those on the insulin resistance spectrum.

Thomas Hopkins, MD

Internal Medicine and Medical Bariatrics
Sacramento CA

I have utilized the Cornerstone Wellness program for nearly a decade as an integral component of my general internal medicine and medical bariatric practice. I researched the available technology and supplements back then and simply found nothing that came close to what Cornerstone offered. This remains the case 10 years later. Patients are so pleased with the ease of the program, the lack of hunger, the focus on fat loss and muscle maintenance and the great taste of the shakes. To this day I am still amazed at the metabolic improvements I regularly see in motivated patients and how often patients have avoided bariatric surgery with this exceptional program.

Alla Khalfin, DO, FACE

Endocrinologists & Aesthetic Specialists, Syosset, Long Island, NY

I have enjoyed utilizing the Cornerstone Wellness program primarily for my diabetic, PCOS and hypothyroid patients. I’ve tried several programs over the years but none of them were as scientifically robust as Cornerstone. Their emphasis on maintenance of BMR by preserving lean body mass rather than just weight loss rang true to me as so many of my female patients have been frustrated by weight cycling. I’ve seen excellent outcomes with motivated patients.

Ashish Verma, MD, FACE

Endocrinologist, Shelby Township MI

I have been extremely impressed with the clinical outcomes that we have achieved with our Cornerstone Wellness program over the last four years. We’ve have been able to lower dosages and even discontinue orals and injectables in our diabetic patients. Our thyroid patients are finally able to lose body fat when no other programs seem to work for them. It is a source of great personal and professional satisfaction. Every endocrinologist should consider utilizing this powerful program

Keith McAffee, MD & Dan Brink, MD

UC Davis Health, Davis, CA

We are proud to have been the very first medical practice to feature Cornerstone Wellness all the way back in 2006. Despite various changes we have gone through in terms of corporate structure we have always carried Cornerstone with us. It has literally become part of our identity as a practice and what we stand for, that is, prevention and a proactive focus on lifestyle management at every age. Thousands of our patients have benefitted tremendously in terms of measurable clinical parameters and this is a great source of pride for us as primary care physicians. Cornerstone Wellness has always provided superb, personalized customer service to our practice and our patients.

Silver Pine Medical Group

Sterling Heights – Macomb Township – Shelby Township – Chesterfield, MI

For nearly half a decade we have run the Cornerstone Wellness program for our patients challenged by the significant sequelae of excess visceral adiposity. We have had two full-time “wellness coaches” that have helped hundreds of patients lose body fat, maintain muscle and thereby improve fasting sugars, HbA1Cs, lipid profiles, blood pressure, etc. This scientifically robust, all-natural program has become a great source of professional satisfaction for our group.

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