About Us

Jonathan Burg & Julie WeaverAfter graduating medical school at the University of Miami, Dr Burg completed full three year residencies in Internal Medicine at the University of Arizona and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Washington. During his training he pursued basic research in the areas of neurochemistry and connective tissue enzymology with grants from the American Heart and American Lung Associations. In 1983 he published his neurochemistry findings in Science, the premier scientific journal of The American Academy of the Sciences, the first to ever do so from his alma mater.

After over a decade of practicing musculoskeletal medicine and interventional spine, Dr Burg began dabbling in nutritional medicine particularly as it related to his pain practice. In 2006, while lecturing on Omega3s and neurologic dysfunction at a national wellness conference, he met Julie Weaver, who was lecturing on the use of Bioelectrical Impedance in the clinical weight loss arena.

Ms Weaver’s background includes building several multi million dollar businesses in the retail and direct marketing industries. She has over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing with the last 12 years as a trainer of weight loss coaches for an international nutraceutical company. Upon representation of a bioelectrical impedance manufacturer, Ms Weaver developed a system incorporating these components into a successful in house weight management and wellness program for primary care medical practices.

Combining their expertise and passion Dr Burg and Ms Weaver created Cornerstone Wellness to focus on the creation of an evidence based, state-of-the art, turnkey weight management programs within existing medical practices in every clinical speciality. Cornerstone expanded rapidly and within a decade there were over 1000 physicians using the program in every clinical specialty. Using Dr Burg’s extensive background in protein biochemistry he developed a focused and proven synergistic nutraceutical approach to address the underlying cause of metabolic syndrome and Type II diabetes ie excess visceral adiposity. Dr Burg and Ms Weaver utilized proprietary bioelectrical impedance technology, developed at the USC School of Medicine and integrated it into a robust cloud-based Cornerstone lifestyle management program. This extraordinary system has been successfully utilized by hundreds of thousands of patients with certifiable clinical responses in motivated individuals. Ms Weaver has trained all of the Cornerstone Wellness coaches, typically on-site, in physicians offices throughout the nation. Within several days, with very little expense, physicians can have a fully functional, integrated, evidence-based and quite profitable program to address the obesity epidemic in their practice.