About Us

Jonathan Burg MD : President and Founder

burgAfter attending medical school at the University of Miami, Dr. Burg completed residencies in Internal Medicine at the University of Arizona and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Washington.  He has published in the areas of neurochemistry and connective tissue enzymology. Dr. Burg lectures to physicians internationally in the areas of nutrition, obesity and practice development.

Dr. Burg created Cornerstone Wellness in 2005 to provide a more practical, evidence-based and successful way for practicing physicians to manage the growing epidemic of metabolic syndrome due to overweight, obesity and other lifestyle issues.  He formulated all the Cornerstone Wellness products with input from a team of Endocrinologists, Cardiologists and PhD dieticians. Dr. Burg is very hands-on and makes himself available at all times to consult with physicians, wellness coaches and even patients at their doctor’s request.

Julie M. Weaver: Vice President and Co-Founder

weaverMs Weaver’s background extends over 30 years in sales/marketing and prior to the lauching of Cornerstone Wellness, she spent 12 years working with an international nutrition company as a corporate trainer.  The later included extensive speaking engagements.  Ms Weaver created the concept of training office staff to be wellness coaches within a medical practice to address weight concerns thereby freeing up physicians time. In addition to financial and marketing responsibilities, Julie oversees all training and support for physicians and their staff.  Recognizing the unique needs of different medical groups based on size and demographics, the training and support is done by a highly qualified team of trainers in constant contact with herself and Dr. Burg.

Our Partners

United Pharma

united_pharmaThis exclusive soft-gel manufacturer in Southern California is where the ultra- pure pharmaceutical grade OmegaHealth is manufactured.  It is GMP-NSF certified by the FDA and since United Pharma specializes in soft gel manufacturing exclusively, patients can feel comfortable that they are obtaining a uniform Omega 3 soft gel in which the ultra pure omega3 oil from Croda is treated gingerly (omega3 oils are easily damaged) and with respect.  All the raw ingredients and finished soft-gels are tested extensively for contaminants both chemical and bacteriologic before they are bottled and shipped to physicians.


croda_logo_160pxWe only use the absolutely purest and highest potency Omega 3 oil to make our OmegaHealth. This huge UK corporation, uses the proprietary PureMax purification process to guarantee purity levels that exceed all others in the industry.  When it comes to Omega 3, one truly gets what one pays for and since raw or poorly purified fish oil is full of extremely dangerous mercury, PCBs and dioxins or is rancid.  It is critical that one consumes only the highest quality oil available.  The oil is processed under a nitrogen blanket (to prevent oxidation ie rancidity, before it is shipped to United Pharma to be packaged into the OmegaHealth soft-gels.

USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy

usc-logoThe Cornerstone BC IV and the ACT I were developed and tested at this laboratory on the campus of the Health Sciences, where the world renown Keck School of Medicine is located.  In it’s annual  national rankings, US News and World Reports has placed this USC Division first every year since 2004.