The Cornerstone Story

Cornerstone Wellness was created nearly two decades ago by a team of Internists, Endocrinologists, RD PhD, Sports Nutritionists and Exercise Physiologists. Our shared goal was the creation of a simple, common sense, evidence based program for physicians to address conditions such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and fatty liver, all with the common underlying cause being excess visceral fat.
The Cornerstone of health is the reduction and management of excess abdominal fat and inflammation, while maintaining muscle mass for preservation of metabolic rate, mobility, and quality of life.The team created the first FDA cleared state of the art proprietary technology to address these goals. Our cloud driven body composition analyzer customizes each patient’s dietary plan based on their specific metabolic rate and lean body mass.
Evidence based, all natural supplements are utilized along with real food i.e. fresh proteins and produce to achieve and maintain healthy body composition and reduce inflammation.
After helping thousands of doctors treat their patients’ obesity and related conditions, we felt an ethical imperative to make the program available to those without access to a Cornerstone doctor. We have expanded our program to include virtual coaching and the ability to access supplements directly.

Jonathan Burg MD and Julie Weaver, Founders of Cornerstone Wellness MD with “Bella the Boxer”

Blair Engel, Nutritionist for a large endocrinology group in US

Silver Pine Medical Group, Cornerstone providers since 2014.

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