Help your patients achieve lifetime management of healthy body composition

Cornerstone Wellness provides an evidence based, “real world” approach , addressing lifestyle modification that results in long-term improvements in health and quality of life

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss & Muscle Maintenance

  • Rapid weight loss typically results in muscle catabolism and lower BMR
  • Lower BMR results in eventual regain of weight
  • Concentration on of fat loss and muscle preservation
  • One gram of protein per lb. of lean body mass
  • Regular monitoring of LBM/BF will help maintain BMR
  • Weight loss drugs induce anorexia resulting in muscle and BMR decrement
  • All weight loss drugs create tachyphylaxis over time
  • Protein and MCTs are natural appetite suppression

Cutting Edge Technology

Cornerstone’s proprietary FDA Class 2 HIPPA compliant Internet driven BC4 bioimpedance device produces patient friendly graphics of LBM, BF% and excess BF in 6 seconds
The only “machine learning” based algorithm has co-efficient of correlation to DEXA of r = 0.92 in the overweight population, the most accurate in the industry
Easy to read history graph of weight, BF% and LBM stored in the cloud for patients and clinicians to access
Dashboard automatically determines recommended protein and calorie intake based on activity levels as well as “goal date”
Patient’s customized caloric intake is based on their BMR minus 10% and protein goal of one gram protein/lb of lean body mass

Enlarge Graph for Test Results

DEXA Body Scan

DEXA body fat scans of two individuals with the same BMI. Notice the 400% difference in body fat (yellow) stressing the importance of relying on body composition rather than scale weight. DEXA is not convenient or realistic for regular monitoring. Therefore, we provide a quick, accurate DEXA matched alternative, the Cornerstone Wellness BC4.

Training & Support

Cornerstone Wellness provides you with all the tools, training and support you need. We have set up over 1600 practices over the last two decades. We understand the uniqueness of each office and incorporate our platform into your practice. Cornerstone can help create a source of professional satisfaction as you see your patients become empowered to take control of their health and wellbeing. Cornerstone is at your service 24/7.


  • We can train any of your office staff to become a Cornerstone wellness coach.
  • Typically physicians simply triage appropriate patients to the coach.
  • If you don’t have appropriate staff we can help find the perfect coach in your area.
  • Our certified coaches are also available for your patients on our virtual platform.
  • Our coaches have appropriate degrees and are extensively trained by us.


  • We can train your wellness coach either virtually or in person.
  • Virtual training consists of videos followed by several hours of face to face training.
  • We will listen in to coach’s consultations with your and patients’ permission.
  • Your coach will have cell phone access to us for any questions or concerns.
  • We can also train onsite in your practice which is typically a two day process.


  • Cornerstone provides multiple posters, brochures, counter cards and DVDs.
  • Customized 7 ft tall retractable banners with your logo are available.
  • We can subsidize “biggest loser contests” with cash prizes for patients.
  • You will have full access to our library of content for your social media.

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