Cornerstone Wellness provides you with the tools, training and support you need to successfully launch and manage your weight loss and wellness program. We have integrated Cornerstone into hundreds of practices in every clinical speciality including primary care, internal medicine, endocrinology, gastroenterology, cardiology, sleep medicine, obgyn, psychiatry, sports medicine, nephrology, rheumatology and lipidology. We understand the complexity and uniqueness of each office and wrap our platform around your practice. Whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a large IPA or hospital group, we’ll help tailor the program to best meet your particular needs, creating a a source of professional pride and making medicine fun again as you witness your patients taking back their lives.

Staffing Recommendations

We can train any of your existing office staff to become a “wellness coach” and to run the Cornerstone program and take ownership of the whole program so that your only responsibility is to refer patients into it. Physicians often use their best medical assistants to run it but if you don’t have appropriate staff we can easily find you the perfect “wellness coach” typically a nutritionist (BS Dietetics) or exercise physiologist ( BS Exercise Science) locally in your area. We will obtain resumes and phone interview and put them in touch with you. These are inexpensive positions and typically these individuals are so passionate about the possibility of doing one on one lifestyle consultations they are willing to start part time which almost universally leads to full time as the program grows. They will typically generate 3-4X their cost in terms of added gross practice revenue.

Our Training Process

  • Identify staff member to be the “wellness coach” or have us find you appropriate person locally.
  • Identify 3 days for training process that works for your schedule and Cornerstone’s.
  • We send out posters, brochures, DVDs etc to inform your patients of what is coming.
  • We will pre train your coach on a 3 hr GoToMeeting web call a few weeks before we come out. We will need about 8-10 interested patients to train your coach on.
  • Patients should be scheduled every hour and the trainer and Cornerstone VP Julie Weaver will see the first few patients with the coach observing and then the coach will take over with Julie observing and critiquing his/her consult until they feel completely comfortable.
  • Dr Burg will do evening seminar the first 2 nights for patients which will also provide patients for training slots.
  • One month after the initial training we will listen in to coach’s presentation (with the patient’s permission) to make sure coach is staying on track and not making false claims etc.

Ongoing Support

Of course, we understand that questions arise after the onsite training. That’s why the Cornerstone Wellness support team is available by cell phone or email seven days a week. In addition to technical support, our program is unique in that the President of Cornerstone is a double board certified Internist and Physiatrist. Dr. Burg is available by cell phone for questions that may come up by doctors or staff 24/7, 365. He will not communicate with patients however unless the patient’s doctor requests it and only as the question relates to nutrition NOT medical care.