Training & Support

Cornerstone Wellness provides you with the tools, training and support you need to successfully launch and manage your wellness program. Our staff have decades of practice management experience and will efficiently and cost-effectively help you integrate the program into your practice. We understand the complexity and uniqueness of each office. Whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a large IPA or group, we’ll help tailor the program to best meet your needs.

Staffing Recommendations

In our experience, the Cornerstone program is most often easily administered by existing staff. We typically find Medical Assistants to be well suited as the CornerstoneWellness Coaches who provide patient consults. In some instances, the physician may conduct the initial consult and rely on staff to perform all follow-ups meetings with the patient. In the event you do not have the right personnel, we can help screen and interview prospective Nutritionists on your behalf. Our goal is to work with you to establish the optimal approach based on your objectives and expertise and then provide the necessary training and support to ensure your success.

set_up_pic_consultOur Training Process

Our offsite and onsite training process begins the moment you decide to offer Cornerstone First, we schedule a date when we can come to your office and conduct a two-day, staff training. Prior to the training, we’ll send you staff and patient materials (posters, brochures, DVD’s, etc.) that concisely and effectively introduce the program. We also provide you with the body composition analyzer, together with our proprietary software, so you can become familiar with the technology aspects of the program.

On the first day of onsite training we install software and review the program with your staff (from your front desk receptionist to all Providers) to make sure everyone understands how unique and beneficial Cornerstone Wellness is for patients. We then train your CornerstoneWellness Coaches on working with actual patients. Our trainers will do the initial consults so you can learn the best way to maximize time, address all patient questions and get them started on the program. This means your program begins from the very first day.

On the second day of training, your staff conducts actual patient consults under our supervision. We make certain that staff completely understands the program and is confidently equipped with the knowledge and practical experience to provide patients with quality care.

Ongoing Support

Of course, we understand that questions arise after the onsite training. That’s why the Cornerstone Wellness support team is available by phone or email seven days a week. In addition to technical support, our program is unique in that the President of company is a physician. Dr. Burg is available by phone for questions that may come up by doctors, staff or even patients.

Questions about Cornerstone Wellness? Give us a call at 800-230-9052 or contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the program with you in greater detail.