Physician Endorsements

pic_reference_keithOur clinic has used Cornerstone Wellness for the past 4 years. It has literally revolutionized our practice and our approach to the toughest of all issues in patient care: lifestyle management. For over 20 years I had searched for such a program. Most of what we do as physicians is ultimately ineffective if our patients are not successful in managing their lifestyle. But accomplishing lifestyle change has always been a Herculean barrier to overcome. Cornerstone Wellness has overcome that obstacle in spades. Cornerstone Wellness is a professional, turn-key, easily useable, patient friendly, and efficacious program that is loved by my patients and doesn’t congest my work schedule. Indeed, my work flow is improved. And, for the first time in their lives, my patients have the comfort of having their nutrition program overseen by their own doctor. No longer do I have to ship my patients off to some generic nutrition clinic that is unlikely to make a substantial difference in their lives. I am there for my patients. They love it! Furthermore, the Cornerstone Wellness program is proven, and it literally set itself up without requiring any of my time away from family. It has been a dream come true, and I cannot imagine my practice without it.

Keith McAfee, MD
Feather Down Family Practice
Yuba City, CA


pic_reference_tomAs a Internist specializing in Bariatric Medicine, I searched for years to find a program that would be consistent with the various teaching points I use with my patients. My goal has always been to provide patients tools they can use to manage their weight and body fat levels for a lifetime since they often come to me having tried the many various gimmicks and fads out there which have simply left them frustrated and nearly hopeless. Cornerstone Wellness, which I instituted in my practice over three years ago, has been extremely effective in allowing my patients to achieve their goals and to markedly reduce their co-morbidities. It is a simple yet comprehensive program that provides the highest quality and most effective supplements available. Many motivated patients have been able to actually avoid surgical bariatric procedures with this program.

Thomas Hopkins, MD, Internal Medicine and Bariatric Medicine
Co-Medical Director, Medical Bariatrics,
Sutter Health,
Sacramento CA


pic_reference_edwardsI own a solo practice in Lexington Kentucky which offers patients internal medicine, anti-aging/functional medicine, integrative cancer therapy, and cosmetic medicine services. I serve as a speaker for several anti-aging organizations including the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the Age Management Medical Group.

I have been very impressed with the excellent tools that Cornerstone Wellness has created for my patients, the technology they have pioneered, and most importantly, in the results my patients have achieved. Through normalization of percent body fat, increases in muscle mass, and ingestion of healthier foods, my patients are enjoying the benefits of improved glycemic control, reductions in inflammatory markers, and an overall improvement in their emotional and physical state of well being. Since Cornerstone Wellness offers a realistic meal plan, unlike other weight loss programs, my patients have also been more successful in maintaining their weight loss. The Cornerstone Wellness program has been an excellent addition to my practice, and I highly recommend it to anyone whose goal is to collaborate with their patients in helping them to permanently lose weight and regain their health.

Lena D. Edwards, MD, FAARM, Internal Medicine
Lexington, KY


pic_reference_sherrillI am an Internist in Central Tennessee in a 40 physician multi-speciality group with a very large retired population. Given the average age of my patients, metabolic syndrome and diabetes is extremely common in my practice. Several years ago we hired a PA who had been running the Cornerstone Wellness program in a pain practice several hours away and he suggested I review it. What struck me first was the sound medical and nutritional principles on which it is founded compared to every other program I had looked at. It was very easy to get it started and we have been very happy with the results we are seeing particularly with regards to metabolic syndrome and the support afforded by Cornerstone Wellness.

John Sherrill, MD, Internist
Crossville, TN


pic_reference_iversonBeing a Family physician and believing in treating the whole person, not just a disease, I have spent my career enjoying teaching life style issues to my patients. I practice in a small town, Steamboat Springs Colorado, where many of my patients are living or interested in living healthy lives. Even here we struggle with health problems directly related to a patients weight. I saw the need to have more structure in my approach to weight loss. After researching many programs, I chose Cornerstone Wellness as it is evidence-based and met my criteria in products and programming. I have been using this program for nearly four years. I have enjoyed seeing my patients reach success and have found it wonderful to work with this company, which is small, personal and continually striving to be on the cutting edge. Cornerstone Wellness is a quality company offering a personal approach to a healthier lifestyle for my patients. I couldn’t be happier.

Rosanne Iversen MD, Family Practice,
Steamboat Springs, CO


pic_reference_montgomeryI am one of six Ob-Gyns practicing in a forty-five physician multi-specialty group in North Central Texas. Every day in my clinic at least a couple of my female patients ask for my advice on how to lose weight. Other than the tried and true yet relatively worthless advice “just eat less and exercise more” I didn’t have much else to offer. I was attending a medical aesthetics course when I just happened to wander in to a lecture by the President of Cornerstone Wellness and a light bulb went off. Because of the size of my practice it took several months to get things going, so having a few pounds to lose and not wanting to put my patients on something unless it worked for me, I went on the program. I used the meal planning program and the supplements and after losing ten lbs. I noticed my own personal lipid levels had responded tremendously. My total cholesterol dropped from 257 to 149 and my triglycerides dropped from 239 to 127. We have our NP and LVN running the program and within two weeks they are already booked out two months. This company is proving extremely responsive with questions answered literally within hours of being asked.

John Montgomery MD, OB/GYN
Clinics of North Texas,
Wichita Falls, TX


pic_reference_bennettI am a Family Practitioner in Upstate New York and have worked intensively with the Cornerstone Program for over 2 years now. My senior partner found about Cornerstone at an AAFP conference and handed me the reigns to implement the program in our practice, largely because I had developed a fair amount of expertise in the area having lost quite a bit of weight personally. The principles embedded in Cornerstone are so cutting edge and evidence based I couldn’t wait to get started. The improvements we have seen in lipid profiles and blood pressure are mind boggling and have allowed me and my partner to decrease and often discontinue insulin, anti-hypertensives, statins, oral-hypoglycemics. Practicing true preventive medicine has markedly improved my professional satisfaction.

Lynne Bennett, DO, Family Practice
Albany, NY

pic_reference_farajiAs a gastroenterologist, I consult many times a month on patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Obviously, weight loss is the only known treatment for this condition but just telling a patient to eat less and exercise more rarely results in the following of this sage advice. Since this condition can lead to cirrhosis and death I felt it imperative that I educate myself fully on what was available in terms of weight loss programs. I spoke with the Cornerstone company while attending the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP). With a combination of the Cornerstone shake and the high dose and very tolerable OmegaHealth , I have now had dozens of patients who have had complete resolution of their liver enzyme elevations. I have recommended this approach to many of my GI colleagues as an approach that works. My wife is the “wellness coach” and she very much enjoys running the program and seeing the great results as well.

Isaac Faraji, MD, Gastroenterology,
Turlock, CA