Empowering Physicians to Treat the Cause of Metabolic Syndrome

The Problem

Two thirds of your patients are overweight or obese and two out of five have metabolic syndrome caused by excess visceral adiposity. Much of your workday is consumed with treating the metabolic sequelae of this epidemic with medications- oral hypoglycemics, anti hypertensives, statins, insulin, etc. You don’t have the time or resources to treat the underlying cause. Many physicians choose to prescribe stimulant-based appetite suppressants or HCG injections. You may be uncomfortable with these approaches because you know they are short-term “fixes”. Liquid diets and pre-packaged meals don’t teach patients how to deal with real food once they discontinue the diet. You want to provide your patients with an evidence-based, nutritionally sound, “real world” approach that addresses the core issue of lifestyle modification which will result in meaningful, measurable long-term improvements in health and quality of life.

The Solution

Cornerstone Wellness is the most technologically advanced, evidence based, nutritionally sound, physician-monitored, FAT loss program available. Cornerstone Wellness produces visceral fat loss with maintenance of muscle tissue, addressing the underlying cause of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, sleep apnea, etc. Weight loss without maintenance of muscle lowers BMR resulting in weight cycling or yo-yo-ing. By constant monitoring of fat and muscle mass with our proprietary platform, appropriate macronutrient proportions are prescribed based on the patients’ test results. Most physician weight loss programs are focused on short-term loss of weight, frequently resulting in frustration due to weight regain. Cornerstone Wellness gives patients the tools to achieve lifetime management of healthy body composition and freedom from associated co-morbidities. The Cornerstone Patient Portal (pictured at left) presents body composition test results in a comprehensive, patient-friendly format (click image to enlarge).

DEXA body fat scans of two individuals with the same BMI yet 400% difference in body fat.

Forget about BMI. Total body composition – fat vs. muscle – is what determines health risks. We are only now waking up to how much we catabolize muscle on calorie restriction diets and drop BMR resulting in fat regain.

Business Model

The Cornerstone Wellness Program is administered to appropriate patients (overweight, metabolic syndrome, diabetic, PCOS, or conversely malnourished), by your current office staff. Cornerstone Wellness provides a 3 day intensive on-site training, utilizing your patients as training subjects. Medical assistants, nurses or mid-levels are trained to run the program. If you can’t spare or don’t have appropriate staff, Cornerstone will find you an excellent and inexpensive degreed nutritionist or exercise physiologist locally. You, the physician, simply refer the appropriate patients into your own, in-house wellness center. This provides a passive business model since it does not take time or energy away from your usual office, surgery or hospital duties. The program is health insurance reimbursed which is critical given the inverse relationship between BMI and household income. Cornerstone Wellness provides extensive didactic, marketing and administrative support, ongoing for the life of the program. Marketing materials, including DVDs, posters, brochures etc., are available to make sure your patients are aware of the program’s existence as well as to bring in outside patients. To learn more about Cornerstone Wellness and review the program in more detail please contact us.