Web Tools

The Cornerstone Wellness Website provides a powerful and effective suite of tools for managing your managing your patients’ weight loss efforts. The site interacts directly with the Cornerstone Wellness body composition analyzer offering a clear and user-friendly visual tool for both patients and physicians.

  • Custom meal planning tools makes it easy to create daily meal plans using an 8000 food item USDA data base
  • Meal plans provide data on calories, protein, carbohydrate, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, fiber and sugar based on serving size
  • Daily calorie consumption goal set at BMR minus 10% of BMR but can be over ridden to physician’s preference
  • Tracks and reports macronutrient consumption with alerts according to customized goals set by BMR testing and diet selection (e.g. Zone, Protein Power, Atkins, Mediteranean, Cornerstone Wellnes, etc.)
  • Helps patients monitor the change in their body composition (fat and lean body mass) over time as a result of their diet and exercise.
  • A huge library of resistance movements, to aid in maintenance of muscle. Patient simply clicks on particular muscle group of a muscular “avatar” and a list of exercises with step-by-step photos and instructions pop-up
  • Also includes sporting and ADL activities that determine calories burned per unit time
  • A calorie mapping tool where patient enters zip code and finds starting point on street map or satellite map, clicks out a path to walk, run or bike, enters time elapsed and based on their personal factors it determines calories burned
  • Extensive personal journal function to help with goal setting and attainment
  • Patients are given username/password to access their data from home
  • Physician login provides access to administrative reporting as well as patient records