Measurement, prescription and feedback through advanced technology…

Accurate data is essential to the practice of medicine and this data is gleaned from a marriage of history, examination and the use of technological tools such as laboratory, imaging and electrodiagnostic (EKG, EEG, EMG) testing. It is a well-known fact that patients underestimate their caloric intake by 40% and overestimate their caloric expenditure by 40% making patients weight loss history all but useless. In addition, body weight and BMI are a primitive and inaccurate measurement of the risk factor of concern ie excess adiposity. It is clear therefore, that to accurately diagnose and treat this disease, physicians must be able to accurately measure and follow body fat, lean body mass, BMR, calories in and calories out. It is to these ends that Cornerstone Wellness developed the most accurate, convenient and user-friendly tools to diagnose and treat this deadly disease.

No other wellness/weight loss company has more advanced cutting edge technology than Cornerstone Wellness. From the most accurate and only Internet driven body composition device to the only FDA cleared calorie tracker to a totally interactive meal-planning program, calorie mapping and resistance exercise library…Cornerstone Wellness has it all. All these tools allow physicians to follow patients’ progress more closely, with far more accountability from patients (to their physicians and themselves) as well as reducing the drudgery and boredom of the weight loss process.

home_pic_bcaBody Composition Analyzer

  • FDA-cleared bioelectrical impedance medical device with documented accuracy of +0.5% on average
  • Quick, easy and accurate measurement of body composition (body fat and lean body mass) with results instantly uploaded to Web-base record for physician and patient review.
  • Data used to estimate BMR and develop caloric requirements for meal plan.
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pic_web_smWeb Tools

  • Powerful and effective Web application that integrates with the Body Composition Analyzer
  • Custom meal planning and exercise prescription tools
  • Provides ongoing progress tracking and motivational feedback
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