pic_metassist2MetAssist is a collection of several key nutraceuticals that have demonstrated clinical efficacy in multiple published, peer reviewed studies to lower insulin and serum glucose levels, lower inflammatory markers, decrease appetite and feeding behavior resulting in demonstrated loss of body weight as much as 5.4% in 8 weeks.


Hydroxycitric acid (HCA): Extracted from the tropical fruit Garcinia Cambogia, studies have demonstrated numerous effects of HCA::

  • partially inhibits hepatic conversion of glucose to free fatty acids (lipogenesis)
  • decreases absorption of glucose from the ileum .
  • lowers insulin levels, serum glucose, triglycerides, food intake, body weight, CRP and interleukin 6 and the development of insulin resistance in obese, male Zucker rats (experimental model for human obesity
  • lowers several inflammatory markers including HCA
  • increases serotonin levels in human subjects by 44%

pic_metassist_labelChromium polynicotinate (NOT picolinate) which is also known as glucose tolerance factor. It is the ligand that attaches the insulin receptor to the cell membrane and also aids in the phosphorylation (activation of the receptor) (7). Since most overweight patients have some degree of insulin resistance, this compound is of key importance. Studies report a drop in HbA1C of 0.6 in diabetics with chromium polynicotinate.

Gymnema sylvestrie: Herb used in Aryuvedic medicine for 2000 years for diabetes treatment. This compound interferes with the function of the sweet receptors on the tongue and also causes hypoglycemia in laboratory animals. Gymnema sylvestrie lowers cholesterol and triglycerides in laboratory animals.

Green tea extract: Acts as a mild thermogenic aid and also serves as an anti-oxidant.

Fenugreek seeds: Herb used since Egyptian times for diabetes. Been shown in human studies to lower serum glucose and 24 hour urinary glucose excretion by 54% and also to significantly improve glucose tolerance tests, lower LDL and VLDL while not changing HDL.

These ingredients all have a tremendous safety profile having been tested individually and in combination in multiple published clinical and animal studies.