Cornerstone Wellness is the only all natural, medically supervised fat loss and muscle maintenance program customized to your specific metabolic rate and lean body mass

Everything you need to know about this revolutionary program utilized by thousands of cutting edge physicians internationally

What is Cornerstone Wellness and why is it superior to other weight loss programs?

KamilleCornerstone is an exclusive physician monitored program utilizing cutting edge proprietary revolutionary technology and nutritional support. The program is customized to your unique body composition and metabolism to ensure long term results. Unlike short term weight loss diets, Cornerstone focuses on healthy “integrated total body composition management” with a plan that you can use for a lifetime. This approach prevents the nearly universal problem of weight regain or “yo-yo-ing” that nearly all dieters have experienced through their lifetime. You will look better, feel healthier and you and your doctor will notice marked improvements in many of the conditions for which they are treating you. This will result in lowering of dosages and even discontinuation of medications used to treat obesity related conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high triglycerides etc.

Kamille Tirzah, on left, one of our phenomenal Cornerstone Wellness coaches in Boca Raton
Kamille Tirzah, on left, one of our phenomenal Cornerstone Wellness coaches in Boca Raton

What will happen during my Cornerstone visit?

After careful consideration, your doctor will schedule you to see their certified Cornerstone Wellness coach. Your Wellness Coach will use the extremely accurate, FDA cleared BC 4 Body composition analyzer to determine your body fat%, your muscle or lean body mass (LBM) and your basal metabolic rate (BMR). The Cornerstone BC4, developed at USC School of Medicine, is the most accurate and only Internet driven bioelectrical impedance device ever developed. The test results will determine your recommended customized calorie and protein intake to lose fat while maintaining muscle. During the consultation, your coach will help you make a food and exercise plan that fits realistically into your lifestyle .Follow up visits are typically every two weeks in the first month and then monthly until goals are met.

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How much weight can I expect to lose?

The short answer is as much as you like, but Cornerstone is not a weight loss program as much as it is a fat loss/muscle maintenance program. From an appearance perspective and certainly health perspective all you should care about is how fat and how muscular you are. Rapid weight loss typically results in loss of muscle which leads to drops in your metabolic rate so that you are burning fewer calories and storing more calories as fat. By guiding you nutritionally based on your regular bioelectrical impedance testing, your Cornerstone coach will make sure you are getting just the right amount of calories and protein to ensure you lose primarily disease causing fat and keep health and mobility promoting muscle.

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How many calories and how much protein will I be eating?

Your recommended calorie intake will be 10% less than YOUR measured basal metabolic rate (BMR). Your protein intake will be determined based on YOUR lean body mass (LBM), aiming for one gram of protein for every pound of lean body mass you are carrying. This is key to preserving your metabolism while you are shedding fat.

This is likely significantly more protein than you’re currently consuming. Markedly increasing protein based foods tend to be inconvenient because most need to be cooked, refrigerated etc. They are also typically more expensive than packaged foods. Cornerstone Wellness created the most nutritious, best tasting, all natural, highest protein and highest vitamin partial meal replacement shake which will be consumed along with regular meals. This way you can dial in exactly the right amount of protein, based on your testing, in an extremely convenient and inexpensive way. The shakes are a very effective appetite suppressant without using any stimulants or other diet drugs. It is however completely safe to use the shakes along with weight loss medicine. The shakes taste so good that the majority of patients choose to drink them even after they have reached their goals.

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Will I be hungry on this program?

Absolutely not! Ideally you will be eating three healthy meals per day with two snacks. You will also be drinking 2 Cornerstone partial meal replacements with breakfast and lunch. The shakes were nutritionally engineered to produce tremendous degrees of satiety and appetite suppression due to the high protein content, the medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil and the 6 different types of fiber. Here is an example of an 1800 calorie meal plan to illustrate just how much food you might be consuming if your test results warrant this many calories and this much protein.

1800 Calorie Cornerstone Plan

How are Cornerstone shakes different from all the others out there?

All protein powders are not created equal. There are basically four categories of protein supplements and it is imperative to choose the right type to achieve your goals:

  1. Pure protein powders like whey, casein, soy, egg, pea etc which have no vitamins, minerals or other micronutrients and are used typically for maintaining muscle.
  2. Bodybuilding powders used by bodybuilders that are obsessed with increasing their body size and weight, obviously not the goal of dieters who want to accomplish just the opposite.
  3. Over the counter meal replacements which aim for appetite suppression with moderate levels of typically inferior types of protein eg soy, casein, dehydrated milk along with low levels of vitamins
  4. Medical meal replacements that are available through physicians which typically have higher levels of protein, vitamins and minerals that provide greater levels of appetite suppression. Several of these eg Medifast, Optifast, HMR, Robard are used as part of a “one size fits all” Very Low Calorie Diet 500-800cal/day with 3-5 shakes/day, bars and other artificial snacks which results in rapid weight loss due primarily to muscle and body water loss (diuresis) which is not in the dieters best interest long term as it leads to reductions in metabolic rate and weight regain.

The Cornerstone High Protein Medical Meal Replacement stands out as literally the finest medical protein meal replacement available anywhere in the world. From the standpoint of taste, consistency, type and quantity of protein, vitamins, minerals and appetite suppressive effects Cornerstone leads the industry.. Unlike most medical meal replacements, it is used alongside healthy foods like fresh produce, meat, chicken and fish. It affords patients a convenient way to meet their muscle sparing high protein requirements while shedding fat due to its low carb/low calorie composition. It produces three-five hours of natural appetite suppression. From a cost perspective, it is much less expensive that any other medical meal replacement on a cost per gram of protein basis. The Cornerstone shake is formulated in the USA by the second largest supplement maker in the world which holds dozens of awards from the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices program. All Cornerstone products are available exclusively through medical doctors and hospitals who Cornerstone has vetted and whose staff we have trained extensively.

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What can I do about my carbs cravings?

Carb craving is incredibly common when dieting for several reasons. Although fresh fruits and especially vegetables are encouraged on Cornerstone we do want you to decrease the “white” foods like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, corn and of course sugar. All of these are broken down into sugar and then converted to and stored as fat. Cornerstone has designed MetAssist to block carb craving and it is taken before each meal. It also aids weight loss through numerous pathways.

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How long will I be on the program?

At your first Cornerstone evaluation you will be told the exact date you will reach your body fat goals if you adhere to the program. Most other medical weight loss programs are a one size fits all 12 or 16 week program. Our program is customized to each patient’s unique metabolism and medical condition, so it may take longer for some than others. That is just common sense. Our philosophy is that as long as you are even an ounce less fat or an once more muscular at each visit you are moving in the right direction. Our only request is that you give it your best effort, keep coming back to meet with your coach and keep track of what you are eating.

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Exactly 100 lbs lost in exactly one year 80% of which was fat.

What health conditions will Cornerstone help me with?

Cornerstone was developed by physicians to specifically help prevent and treat dozens of diseases associated with excess body fat. Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, heart disease, fatty liver, sleep apnea, high triglyceride and cholesterol, arthritis, back and knee pain are just a few of the conditions that might markedly improve on the program There are no known medical condition or medications that would prevent you from going on the Cornerstone program.

My doctor tells me I have too much inflammation. Will this program help?

Almost all the diseases in the developed world are caused by chronic excess inflammation; heart disease, cancer and arthritis being the three most common. Excess body fat increases inflammation and significant fat loss definitely reduces inflammation. Grain based foods like bread, pasta and rice have high levels of Omega6 which is pro-inflammatory so by switching your diet away from these “white foods” to meat, fish, chicken, fish, fruits and vegetables you will be lowering your inflammatory status. Omega 3 is the primary anti- inflammatory of the body. Cornerstone has developed the finest Omega3 on the market for you to use. It is called OmegaHealth and it has the highest potency and purity with no fishy taste or fish burps which is why so many people discontinue their inferior Omega3s. By lowering your pro-inflammatory “white food” intake and increasing your anti-inflammatory Omega3 intake with OmegaHealth you will quickly notice significant reduction in inflammatory symptoms.


I have a busy hectic lifestyle. How often will I have to be seen by my Wellness Coach?

Most medical weight loss programs rigidly require weekly visits primarily because their dieters are miserable on extremely low calorie diets and need a lot of emotional support as they try to soldier on through the hunger. Because the Cornerstone diet is so generous in terms of calorie intake and because the twice daily shakes are such powerful appetite suppressants, you simply won’t be hungry. In fact, you will feel better with more energy than you had before the program.. This is why you can be seen less frequently, every 2 weeks for the first month and then monthly thereafter for as long as it takes to reach your goals.

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What about pregnancy and Cornerstone?

Obviously, pregnancy is not the time to start dieting. That being said, obstetricians are concerned about too much weight gain because it is linked to gestational diabetes and pre- eclampsia which can be dangerous for mom and baby. The Cornerstone shakes are helpful to prevent too much weight gain and are safe during pregnancy.  They may even make pregnancy safer because of the incredible nutrition provided. First trimester nausea and vomiting responds very well to the mild, slightly sweet taste of the shakes when so many foods smell and taste horrible. A pregnant mom can get her full RDA of vitamins and minerals and much of her protein needs met conveniently using the shakes. They also seem to improve lactation according to several individual anecdotal reports. OmegaHealth is extremely important for mom and baby with several published studies showing 50% reduction in preterm labor and a 50% reduction in post partum depression with Omega3 supplementation as well as other advantages in fetal development. Omega3 is essential for fetal brain development and numerous studies have shown better brain function with maternal intake of omega3 supplements. Shakes are also helpful for post pregnancy fat loss and they are so convenient for busy new moms.

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Are Cornerstone shakes safe for children?

The Cornerstone shakes, being all natural with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors are completely safe for kids of any ages. Obviously the “doses” will have to be dropped for younger children. Children naturally do well with whey as mothers milk is 80% whey and the vitamins and minerals are so much better absorbed by their digestive tracts compared to vitamin supplements. Kids love the taste and they make such a better breakfast choice than cereals, waffles, pop-tarts, pancakes etc which are mostly flour and sugar. The extra protein helps with bone and muscle growth. As far as weight loss, the Cornerstone shakes are helpful in all ages of kids. Typically a shake is taken in the morning before school and when they get home after school, since it is a bit embarrassing for kids to eat differently then their friends at lunch, especially with all the fat shaming and bullying overweight kids are subjected to. Remember that obese children pre-puberty have a greater than 50% chance of lifelong obesity and if they go through puberty obese that goes up to 75%. If you have an overweight child the greatest gift you can give them is to get them on the shakes. OmegaHealth is also beneficial for kids as high dose omega3 has been shown to improve cognitive function, attention and mood stability including PMS in teenage girls and even acne in adolescents. Most American children get almost no omega 3 in their diet.

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Can I keep drinking the shakes and taking the supplements once I have reached my goals?

Absolutely. We recommend everyone continue to do their morning Cornerstone shake as this is one of the keys to keeping the fat off. Most of our tremendously successful long term patients continue doing shakes every morning along with the healthy eating habits they developed with the Cornerstone coach’s guidance. Over time, if they start gaining a bit of weight, they can simply get tested at their doctors office to see if the weight gain was fat or muscle. If it is mostly fat gain the coach will probably recommend bumping back up to two shakes for as long it takes to get back to baseline. Obviously it is much easier to drop an extra 5 lbs of fat than to wait too long and have to drop 10 or 20. Also many patients stay on the OmegaHealth because it helps them feel better and provides strong prevention for heart disease and other inflammatory conditions like arthritis that tend to affect us as we age. Those with carb craving issues are welcome to continue with the MetAssist indefinitely.

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