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Protein and Medical Weight Loss (Part 1)

Protein and Medical Weight Loss (Part 1) The goal of medical weight loss typically is weight loss but the goal of CornerstoneWellness is FAT LOSS and MUSCLE MAINTENANCE.  It is excess body fat (not weight) that leads to hypertension, lipid abnormalities, diabetes and heart disease.  Losing body fat is relatively straight forward- eat more protein,…

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Protein and Medical Weight Loss (Part 2)

Protein and Medical Weight Loss (Part 2) Eating enough protein to maintain muscle while only lose fat can be a challenge.  The reason is because it is so difficult to get this much protein from regular food while not exceeding your calorie/carbohydrate/fat allowances.  It turns out, based on every single medical research study that looked…


Carb Craving Cure (Part 2)

Carb Craving Cure (Part 2) A landmark scientific study of carb cravers demonstrated that these individuals consume 800 calories on average more per day than people who do not have this syndrome. Unless you can get this problem under control you will not be able to lose significant amounts of fat. EATING FAT DOES NOT…


Carb Craving Cure (Part 3)

Carb Craving Cure (Part 3) So far we addressed dietary changes to cure carb craving such as eating more protein, eating more frequently and decreasing intake of white foods (sugar, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta). There is a supplement called MetAssist which I formulated which will help not only with blood sugar stabilization but also help…