About Jonathan Burg MD

After attending medical school at the University of Miami, Dr. Burg completed residencies in Internal Medicine at the University of Arizona and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Washington. He has published in the areas of neurochemistry and connective tissue enzymology. Dr. Burg lectures to physicians internationally in the areas of nutrition, obesity and practice development.

Why Whey? (part 1)

The Cornerstone High Protein Meal Replacement is the highest protein, highest vitamin and mineral, all natural meal replacement on the market today. In addition to being the most nutritious it is widely considered the best tasting and smoothest consistency. It can only be dispensed by medical doctors who practice “medical weight loss” and whose staff [...]

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Protein and Medical Weight Loss (part 3) by Dr Jonathan Burg

When you decide, based on the scientifically undisputed facts, that a medical meal replacement is something that you would like to utilize in your medical weight loss program, it makes sense to use the best one available to you.  If you are lucky enough to have one of the exclusive physicians that utilize Cornerstone Wellness [...]

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Protein and Medical Weight Loss by Jonathan Burg MD (part 2)

 Eating enough protein to only lose fat while maintaining your muscle mass can be a challenge.  The reason is because it is so difficult to get this much protein from regular food while not exceeding your calorie/carbohydrate/fat allowances.  Protein costs the most so it's a more expensive way to eat.  It turns out, based on every [...]

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Protein and Medical Weight Loss by Jonathan Burg MD (Part 1)

The goal of medical weight loss typically is weight loss but the goal of the revolutionary medical weight loss program Cornerstone Wellness is FAT LOSS and MUSCLE MAINTENANCE.  It is excess body fat (not weight) that leads to hypertension, lipid abnormalities,diabetes and heart disease.  Losing body fat is relatively straight forward- eat more protein, less [...]

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